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Government inaction may force homeless services to close in Dublin-Cllr. Daithí Doolan

20 July, 2015 - by Daithí Doolan

Figures released today show that Dublin's local authorities have spent €4,550,375 this year on hotel rooms to house homeless families.

Cllr. Daithí Doolan, Chair of the Dublin City Council's Housing SPC, said:

"These figures show the level of the homeless crisis in Dublin today. The budget for the homeless services in Dublin is a lifeline to families facing homelessness on a daily basis in Dublin. The €68m budgeted for 2015 covers numerous services including emergency accommodation, support services and homeless prevention. Dublin City Council is still waiting for the €18.5m shortfall in funding from Government. With this funding services may be forced to close before the end of the year.

"Without these services many families, including children, would simply not survive homelessness. By not meeting with Dublin City Councillors this Government plunge these essential services deeper and deeper into crisis. These services may not operate after October unless the €18.5m shortfall is found.  

"Minister for the Environment, Alan Kelly, despite public utterances still refuses to meet with Dublin City Council to discuss the crisis in our funding. Dublin City Council Árd Mhéara, Críona Ní Dhálaigh, has contacted him on numerous occasions requesting that he meets with an all-party delegation. To date all we have been met with is silence.

"€45, 892,240 has been allocated for 2015 to be spent on Emergency Accommodation. €4,550,375 has already been spent on hotel rooms to house homeless families.  This is unsustainable and in no way meets the basic needs of families. It is clear that the homeless crisis is caused by a lack of social and affordable housing and a private rented market that is out of control. The Government must make the much promised €3.8bn available for social housing available to Dublin City Council to build homes. Rent control must be introduced to prevent more families being made homeless by greedy landlords.

"I would once again make a public appeal to Minister Alan Kelly to meet with Dublin City Councillors to agree on a long term solution to funding homeless services and on a building programme for social and affordable housing."

 Please see table below

Dublin Region 2015 Section Homeless Budget (Note: This is a regional budget which provides services in the four Dublin LAs – i.e. DCC, DLR, SDCC and Fingal LAs)

The budget allocation for the region is approx. €68m in 2015

Service Category

2015 allocation for each service type

(1) Homeless Prevention and Tenancy sustainment Services


(2) Emergency Accommodation (This includes 24 hour supported temporary accommodation and commercial hotels which are currently being used for families so as to avoid the need to sleep rough)


*Please note that of this budgeted for figure,€4,550,375m has been spent on commercial hotels from Jan 2015 to end qtr 2 2015

(3) Long-term supported accommodation (i.e. for households that require 24hour support and care)


(4) Day and Information/ Advise Services


(5) Housing Authority Supports and Services (i.e. includes the four Dublin placement services/ freephone/ PASS National Service, Inspections, Quality Standards, Training, Building leases and operational costs, etc)


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