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Relatives of Collusion victims address MEPs on their search for "justice, truth and closure"

7 December, 2004

Spokesperson for the An Fhírinne campaign group, Jim Clinton has said that he was pleased with the response and warm welcome that the group received from MEPs and others in the European Parliament this morning.

Mr Clinton was speaking after he addressed a hearing organised by the European United Left/Nordic Green Left (EUL/NGL) group. The event entitled "Peace must be built on truth" aimed to highlight the issue of Britishstate collusion with unionist death squads over the past 30 years.

Speaking from the European Parliament, Mr Clinton said:

"The families are very pleased that they have been given the opportunity to address the European Parliament in Brussels. Many of the families foundit difficult to speak about the death of their loved ones today, but feltthat it was necessary that their stories be told to as wide a group ofpeople as possible, so that they may understand the role played by theBritish state in collusion with unionist paramilitaries in the murder oftheir relatives.

"We have met with a number of people in the European Parliament who have been sympathetic to our plight, and have pledged their support to us in our search for justice, truth and closure. The messages of support have heartened us, and we will continue to fight to expose the nature and extent of British collusion with unionist death squads.

"On behalf of the families, I want to thank Sinn Féin for facilitating today's hearing, and in particular Bairbre de Brún MEP and Mary Lou McDonald MEP. I also wish to thank the European United Left/Nordic Green Left (EUL/NGL) group in the European Parliament for allowing our voices to be heard throughout Europe". ENDS

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