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Collusion families disappointed that Allister departed before he could answer questions

7 December, 2004

Responding to a statement from the DUP MEP Jim Allister regarding the appearance of the collusion families today in Brussels, Sinn Féin MEP Mary Lou McDonald said that it was unfortunate that Mr Allister chose to depart before the large delegation of families arrived.

Ms McDonald said:

" Jim Allister and his 5 person rent a mob staged a short protest outside the venue for this mornings meeting. However he departed well before the families arrived. This was most unfortunate as many of the families were looking forward to discussing their cases with Mr Allister particularly those who have relatives murdered with weapons imported by Ulster Resistance.

" It has to be remembered that one of the vehicles used to rearm the unionist paramilitaries was Ulster Resistance. It was DUP leader and at the time sitting MEP Ian Paisley who set up Ulster Resistance. We can all remember well the images of the DUP hierarchy with their red berets in the Ulster Hall.

" Many of victims were wondering why Mr Allister chose to depart before their arrival. It would be my belief that the DUP dalliance with Ulster Resistance provided a very real motivation for his hasty departure.

" It may well be that the DUP have been successful in hiding their involvement in Ulster Resistance from the rest of the European Parliament up until now. But the families and the victims of the British policy of state sanctioned murder have every right to tell their story and were never going to be silenced by Jim Allister or his right wing allies." ENDS

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