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We must challenge the Government’s narrative that austerity worked- Lynn Boylan MEP

23 July, 2015 - by Senator Lynn Boylan

Dublin Sinn Féin MEP Lynn Boylan has said it is time for citizens on this island and within the EU to change the austerity narrative propagated by the Fine Gael/Labour government in the South, the Tories at Westminster and the Eurogroup in Brussels.

Speaking today at an economic conference in Derry organised by Sinn Féin, which was attended by a panel of expert economists, Ms Boylan said; 

“For decades now we have had successive governments in the South, in Britain and within the EU Institutions that are wedded to the neo liberal agenda that puts profit before people and pushes its privatisation agenda at every opportunity.

“Their actions in the South led to a greed led property boom that has left the economy shattered and the citizens carrying the financial can for those who gambled recklessly.

“In the general election of 2011 Fine Gael and Labour promised us a democratic revolution, which they claimed would protect people and the days of Frankfurt dictating to us were over.

“What they delivered was even more hardship, they managed to be even less fair than the Fianna Fáil/ Green government before them.

“Rather than look at the needs of citizens they chose to look at their own electoral needs.

“I don’t think I need to tell anyone hat austerity has failed.

“It has failed the people of the 26 counties.

“It has failed the people of the 6 counties and it sure as hell has failed the people of Greece.

“Another way is possible, if there is courage to make the change. It will be a challenge but Sinn Féin is up for the challenge. 

“We are the only party on this island that is offering a real credible alternative and we have the determination to achieve real change.

“Sinn Féin is not a populist party that leads people up the garden path and then abandons them when the going gets tough.

“Sinn Féin wants to govern. Sinn Féin genuinely wants to improve people’s lives. 

“We can stand on our record in the North. Where we have had influence we have delivered. 

“It’s no accident that there are no water charges in the North.  Just like it is no accident that the numeracy and literacy skills of school children in the 6 counties are among the highest in the world. 

“As we face into a general election Sinn féin will work hard to convince the electorate in the 26 counties that a Sinn Féin government will not only deliver a recovery but it will deliver a Fair Recovery.

“We want to deliver a society where lone parents, disabled people, pensioners, migrants, parents of sick children and students do not have to take the streets to fight for their rights. 

 “Sinn Féin is committed to building a strong Ireland.  An Ireland that invests in secure, decent jobs.  An Ireland that invests in its public services and values strong and vibrant communities.

“A United Ireland provides a stronger economic alternative for all our people. We believe that to fully deliver on this new republic we need social, political and economic integration throughout the whole island.”

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