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Tesco to ‘strip out a large number of fixed hour jobs out of their workforce’ – Tóibín

23 July, 2015

Sinn Féin Spokesperson on Enterprise, Jobs and Innovation Peadar Tóibín TD has commented on information received that indicates a large number of Tesco employees on fixed term contracts are to be made redundant.

Deputy Tóibín said:

“It has come to my attention this morning that Tesco are making a large number of people redundant in stores throughout the state. I understand that they are seeking to take out those on fixed hour contracts in order to reduce costs and increase labour force flexibility in the future.”

“I would ask Tesco to indicate how many will be made redundant. It has been communicated to me that it could as many as 700 people.

“These redundancies will of course to be voluntary, but they will further change the nature of the conditions under which employees work in the retail sector in this state. I understand that the company seeks to reduce further those who are on fixed hour contracts within Tesco. This is part of the overall trend within retail where large profitable multinationals with huge turnovers are forcing their staff into more precarious hours of work.

“This has a direct cost on families. Low hour contracts leads to reduced earnings and unstable hours. It leads to lower standards of living. Tesco have always refused to indicate how much profit it makes in the south of Ireland, but it’s clear despite favourable conditions in Ireland, pay and conditions of staff in Ireland will now fall.

“Under this government, fixed hour contracts in the retail sector and a wage that a family can live on is a luxury in Ireland. Last week, I tabled the Banded Hour’s Contract Bill in the Dáil. This significant bill would allow workers to migrate from low hour contracts to higher hour contracts over time, thus securing better a better standard of living for their families. It’s high time the government put their weight behind this bill and see that it becomes law as soon as possible.” 

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