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Sinn Féin Launch a Fair Recovery Campaign in Tullamore

23 July, 2015 - by Carol Nolan

Offaly Sinn Féin has launched a major campaign aimed at building wide public support for a fair recovery. The launch of the campaign entitled, ‘A Fair Recovery is Possible’, will see the party engage with people from across Offaly and will involve the distribution of material outlining the various policies which Sinn Féin believes will grow the economy and create a fairer more inclusive society.

Speaking following the successful launch of the local campaign this week, Sinn Féin General Election Candidate Councillor Carol Nolan said that the ambitious project aims to canvass thousands of homes across Offaly in the next few weeks.

Speaking at the launch, Cllr Nolan said;

“Offaly remains one of the most disadvantaged areas in the state and we have witnessed further erosion of our public services under this Government. We have less Gardaí on our streets, less staff in our hospitals, our banks and our post offices are under threat and there are almost 2,000 households on the social housing list.

"This campaign, which outlines our party’s priorities for Government, will see the mobilisation of Sinn Féin activists across the County and will put forward Sinn Féin’s alternative vision to the two-tier recovery of both Fine Gael and the Labour Party.”

“We will be canvassing thousands of homes and engaging with people in what will be a state wide conversation: a conversation about the type of society which we want to create.”

“It’s Sinn Féin’s belief that a fairer recovery is possible, one which is radically different to the supposed recovery which has been proclaimed by this Government whereby many families throughout this state continue to suffer on a daily basis.”

 “The recovery which this Government promotes is one which excludes ordinary people, where the wealthy and the top earners of Irish society are the only group to benefit – this is not the kind of economy which we want to establish and this is not the kind of society which we envisage.”

“For Sinn Féin, a fair recovery means equality, decent jobs with decent pay, protecting our public services and delivering a fair taxation system for everyone.”

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