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Eurostat ruling puts government plans into disarray – Gerry Adams TD

28 July, 2015 - by Gerry Adams

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams TD has said the Eurostat ruling on Irish Water is much broader than the leaks from government would have us believe.

Speaking after the ruling was published this afternoon Teachta Adams said the ruling puts the government’s plans into complete disarray and that the government should now move to abolish Irish Water and water charges.

He said;

“The Eurostat ruling on Irish Water goes much further than the leaks from government would have us believe.  The government’s plans are now in complete disarray.

“Essentially Eurostat has ruled that the government has too much control over Irish Water; that Irish Water is merely re-organising previous work done by local government and the majority of its staff are local government staff; that there is too much funding and too many grants from government to Irish Water; that prices are too low and the cap on fees protects too many; and that not enough people are paying for their water.

“That means that in order for the government to keep Irish Water off balance sheet, as it says it will do, then it must privatise and cede control of Irish Water, get rid of the conservation grant, raise charges and get rid of the cap and force more people to pay their charges.

“With all that in mind, the fact that the government has said it expects to keep Irish Water off balance sheet should worry every citizen in this state.

“The government needs to go back to the drawing board, abolish Irish Water and scrap water charges.

“That is what Sinn Féin would do and we would establish an independent commission to examine the best public governance model and call a referendum to enshrine the ownership of water services by the Irish people in the constitution.”


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