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Cemetery bombers will not succeed

3 August, 2015 - by Pat Doherty

Sinn Féin West Tyrone MP Pat Doherty says he is relieved no one was injured after a mortar bomb was left in the vicinity of Strabane Cemetery.

 Mr Doherty said:

 “I am relieved no one has been injured after a mortar bomb was placed in the vicinity of Strabane Cemetery. 

 “This action served no purpose other than to cause widespread disruption to the local community, preventing people from visiting the graves of loved ones.

 “People are understandably upset and angry at what has happened.

 “At a time when thousands of Republicans, confident in their ability to deliver a new Ireland through peaceful and democratic means, took to the streets of Dublin a small minority are attempting to take us backwards.

 “They will not succeed.

 “In the context of the political realities of 2015 the vast majority of Republicans recognise the futility of continued armed actions.

 “It’s past time for the people behind this latest action to end their activity to a halt and respect the will of the people of Ireland to bring about reunification through peaceful means.” ENDS/CRÍOCH

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