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Parades commission determination broke again at St Patrick's Church

8 August, 2015 - by JJ Magee

Sinn Féin Councillor JJ Magee has said there are members of the loyal orders who are determined to continue sticking two fingers up to the parishioners of St Patrick's Chapel.

 Councillor Magee said,

 “Tonight, a Loyalist band openly broke the Parades Commission's determination by playing music as they passed the Church.

 “Not only did they flaunt the determination but they also showed enormous disrespect by playing the hate tune, the Famine Song, as they approached the church.

 "We need to see leadership from political unionism to bring an end to this disgraceful triumphalism which is designed only to stick two fingers up at the parishioners of St Patrick's.

 “It is long past time that Unionist politicians stopped making excuses for the naked sectarianism emanating from these parades and stood up and challenged it.”

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