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The people will decide who is fit to govern, not Fianna Fáil - Cllr Seamus Browne

11 August, 2015 - by Seamus Browne

Sinn Féin Councillor Seamus Browne has said that Fianna Fáil's Niall Collins would be better off focusing on Fianna Fáil's growing political irrelevancy rather than engaging in “silly-season” attacks on Sinn Féin

Councillor Browne, who is the Sinn Féin general election candidate for Limerick County, also stated that ordinary people are more concerned with the issues that are impacting their communities and not political gossip from politicians about their political futures.

He said;

"Deputy Collins can say whatever he wants. Ultimately, it is the people who will decide who will govern after the next general election, not Niall Collins or Fianna Fáil.

"Niall Collins would be better off helping to develop a policy platform for his party rather than engaging in silly-season attacks on Sinn Féin. The much vaunted Fianna Fáil renewal hasn't really happened and the party has become increasingly irrelevant with a stale brand of politics.

"At the moment, I don't think ordinary people, those left devastated as a result of Fianna Fáil's time in government, are very interested in political gossip surrounding future coalitions. They are worried about jobs and how they will pay the next few bills. They are worried about the impact of water charges and the lack of affordable childcare. They are worried about the housing crisis and families having to sleep in hotels. They are sick to the back teeth of the overcrowding in our hospitals.

"These are the issues that people expect their representatives to be addressing right now.

"The back and forth on future coalition partners, between Fine Gael and some people in Fianna Fáil, smacks of the arrogant, self-indulgent politics that put this state on the road to ruination.

"For our part, Sinn Féin is focused not on silly season debates on future coalition prospects but on putting our progressive policies to the people and engaging them in a constructive conversation about the future of our country. That is what we have been doing over the last number of weeks with our fair recovery campaign and we have received a very positive response from communities across Limerick and Ireland.

"Ordinary people are not absorbed by career politicians wondering aloud if they will have a seat at the cabinet table following the general election and who may be sitting next to them if they do. To families who are facing massive back-to school costs it will seem like a very detached and a somewhat deluded topic of conservation.

"The people of this country deserve a higher quality of political debate than what has been offered up by Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael over the last twenty-four hours. The school playground style arguments constantly propagated by the establishment parties simply don’t cut it. People want to see debates on the real issues affecting their lives."

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