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Minister shirking his responsibility toward families in housing crisis – Ní Dhalaigh

12 August, 2015 - by Máire Devine

Sinn Féin Dublin City Councillor Críona Ní Dhalaigh has urged Environment Minister Alan Kelly to meet with her to discuss the wholly inadequate government response to the housing crisis.

Cllr. Ní Dhalaigh has been seeking a meeting with the Minister since her election as Dublin Ardmheara and though the Minister insists he is treating the crisis as a top priority, has resisted meeting to discuss the depths of the housing crisis which Cllr. Ní Dhalaigh says is only going to deepen as the City Council simply cannot continue at its current level of support alone.

Cllr. Ní Dhalaigh said:

“Since I was elected to the office of Ardmheara, I have sought a meeting with Minister Alan Kelly to discuss the simple fact that Dublin City Council will not be able to afford to provide homeless services in the near future. There is an €18.5 million deficit in the DCC budget to provide homeless services and the government has utterly shirked its responsibility in the area, leaving it to the councils to do the best they can. Unfortunately for those in need of our services, this is an unsustainable situation and one that is going to come to a crashing halt very soon.

“Dublin City Councillors and our fellow councillors the length and breadth of the country are united in the face of a common problem, housing. There is not a council in the country with enough houses for those that need them and the government is not doing enough to mend the problem. In Dublin, the situation is a crisis, there is no exaggeration in that statement; we are in a crisis. By October, government inaction is going to turn that crisis into an emergency situation when our budget runs out and we are left helpless to the need of those without a roof over their heads.

 “I urge, I plead with the Minister to meet with me so that the situation can be made plain and steps taken to help the most vulnerable in our society find some respite from the dangers and pains of homelessness.” 

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