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Fianna Fáil have no credibility on housing - Ellis

20 August, 2015 - by Dessie Ellis TD

Sinn Féin Housing spokesperson Dessie Ellis TD has described Fianna Fáil’s launch of their housing policy a laughable attempt to regain credibility on an issue they have done untold damage in. He was responding to the launch of proposals by Fianna Fáil which they claim will help tackle the housing crisis.

Deputy Ellis said;

"Fianna Fáil is the party which oversaw the demise of social housing, supported speculators and engineered the failure of private partnerships which left many urban centres in ruins for years. They spent half a billion on rent supplement every year while they systematically wound down the construction of local authority housing in an attempt to move responsibility onto the private market. Everything this government has done in its failure to tackle the housing crisis has been in line with the legacy left by Fianna Fáil. They cannot be trusted to deal with housing.

"For the last four years Fianna Fáil have said little or nothing on housing issues and proposed no solutions. This document changes nothing in that regard and only confirms they have no idea or no desire to really tackle the crisis.

“Fianna Fáil in this document outline just how little they know about what needs to be done. Their proposal of rent controls is so weak it would do very little to change rent levels or slow their increase in the future. We need to tackle them right now like they have done in Berlin.

“They also propose to increase rent supplement without properly regulating rent levels but they only propose to spend 11 million euro, which equates to an extra 13 euro a month per household, far below what would be needed. The rest of their policy is tax breaks for landlords and a fast tracking of evictions which are clearly not going to help matters. 

“Sinn Féin is dedicated to really tackling the crisis. In conjunction with real rent controls which bring down levels we would increase the caps on rent subsidies in line with this. We would also invest annually in social housing - building thousands of homes each year. Sinn Féin has a track record of proposing solutions to the housing crisis, Fianna Fáil have a track record of causing them in the first place.”

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