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Cllr. Callanan calls for Independent Review

10 December, 2004

In order to allay any public concerns re the recent tragic death of City Council tenant Ms. Brid Cummins, Sinn Féin Councillor Daniel Callanan has called for "the establishment of an Independent Review of procedures adopted in this case."

"I believe that an independent review is required to confirm the general public‚s confidence in the present policies and procedures. I also believe that people must reflect and be sensitive to the trauma which this tragic event has caused to all parties associated with this case. That trauma should not be exacerbated by any rush to judgments or conclusions pending review of all the facts. I would therefore urge all those concerned or associated with this tragic case to refrain from making judgments or reaching conclusions pending the outcome of such a review.

"The independent report needs to be brought before City Council as soon as possible.

"This tragic event has generated great emotion within the city and any lessons that need to be learned must be acted upon without delay. A terrible tragedy has occurred and I would urge everyone concerned to unite, allow due process to take place, to try and ensure such a tragedy never occurs again." ENDS

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