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Councillor Denise Mitchell calls for mass mobilisation for Right2Water march as Government Fiasco continues

20 August, 2015 - by Denise Mitchell

Speaking from Coolock today, Councillor Denise Mitchell is calling for mass mobilisation for Right2Water’s latest march on 29th August.

She said,

“The latest fiasco today over the Conservation grant is more evidence that the Government partners are completely at odds on Water Charges.

It would seem one hand doesn’t know what the other is doing.

All the while ordinary people are getting more and more confused about the level of charges that will be laid at their door.”

She further added,

“With the payment rate at only 43%, it is quite clear that the majority of people have no intention of submitting to the government’s bully boy tactics.

Right2Water has organised some of the most successful protests this state has ever seen.  The marches have been successful because people believe this charge is unjust and unfair.

 I am calling for people once again to take to the streets of Dublin on the 29th August and show the Government that opposition to Water Charges is very much alive and that we will make it an election issue.” 

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