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Public deserve answers on NAMA

27 August, 2015

Sinn Féin MLA said today that it was important that the public got answers about the sale of NAMA’s northern property portfolio.

 Daithí McKay was speaking after it was revealed the NCA contacted the Law Society today only minutes before its members were due to give evidence at a Stormont Committee.

 Daithí McKay said: 

 “The Finance Committee supports the investigation being carried out by the NCA into the sale of NAMA’s northern portfolio.

 “The Committee has agreed that it would not investigate any area of the sale currently under scrutiny by the NCA as part of its criminal investigation.

 “Members of the Law Society were invited to appear before the committee today but they revealed that they had been contacted by the NCA only minutes before the hearing and their ability to testify was further restricted.

 “The Committee was not made aware of this until the hearings opened and in my view that’s not the proper way to conduct business.

 “In my view the Law Society could have told us much more today without compromising the NCA investigation.

 “It is in the public interest that the Finance Committee is able to properly scrutinise the largest sell-off of property in the history of the state. The public deserve answers on the sale and there are some who would like to sweep this issue under the carpet.

 “We will continue to work with the NCA but we will be meeting them to ensure that it too does not undermine or interfere unnecessarily with the carrying out of this inquiry.” ENDS/CRÍOCH

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