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Mayor Sarah Holland addresses anti-war movement protest in Dublin

27 August, 2015 - by Sarah Holland

Mayor of South Dublin County Sarah Holland has spoken this evening at an anti-war movement protest this evening in Dublin.

Speaking today Cllr Holland said:

“We are here today to highlight the refugee crisis which is taking place on Europe’s doorstep, and which some countries are turning their backs on.

“We here in Ireland have experience of conflict. 

“I grew up in Belfast during the worst years of the Troubles and that wasn’t a patch on what is happening today in Syria.

“There are 7.6 million displaced people in Syria as a result of the conflict – 4 million refugees fleeing death, over 2 million of whom are children.

“Words like refugee or migrant have the effect of dehumanising people.  We are talking about human beings, kids just like ours, parents just like ours, men and women just like us.

“These are people who are desperate to survive, who will attempt to reach safety using the most dangerous methods, including crossing stormy seas in a dinghy.

“To reach the shores and to see safe passage in the distance, only to have the door shut in your face must be truly horrendous.

“Our Government has proven itself as useful as a chocolate teapot over and over again.

“It’s record on treating human beings with dignity and respect is abysmal.

“I call on our Government to mobilise our naval fleet to its fullest capacity to help bring these refugees to safety.

“I call on it to open our doors and let these people in – give them sanctuary.

“I call on the EU to do everything in its power to shelter those fleeing the danger and poverty that the manufactured wars in the Middle East have caused.

“These people are our brothers and sisters, and it is our duty to step up to the plate.”

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