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Build homes, not bridges - Cllr Chris Andrews

27 August, 2015

Sinn Féin Dublin City Councillor for the Pembroke-South Dock area, Cllr. Chris Andrews has said Dublin City Council should reconsider plans to build a new bridge over the Liffey and should invest the anticipated €12 million cost in housing instead.

Cllr. Andrews said: “Of course infrastructural investment of any kind that enhances Dublin should be welcomed but this is a question of priorities and making the right choices with available resources”.

“It doesn’t seem logical to me to build a new bridge over the Liffey in an area which is already reasonably well catered for when over 3,500 adults and children, including 550 families are now homeless in Dublin and many existing social housing units, particularly those in the south inner city and greater Docklands area are in a dreadful state of repair and are in need of regeneration and refurbishment”.

“Figures provided by the Department of the Environment show that approximately 80 new social housing units could be constructed or almost 775 units refurbished for €12 million.”

“I’m certain that Dubliners would rather see that money spent on addressing the crippling housing crisis in the capital as opposed to constructing a bridge that would of course be welcome, but surely ranks well down the pecking order when the alternative is providing citizens’ with homes”.  


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