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Nesbitt leading UUP on a road to no town – Murphy

28 August, 2015 - by Conor Murphy

Sinn Féin MLA Conor Murphy said today that tomorrow’s UUP Executive meeting is simply a rubber-stamping exercise for Mike Nesbitt’s attempts to spook the DUP into collapsing the institutions.  

The Newry Armagh MLA also said at a time when the parties should be united to oppose swingeing Tory cuts to public services, social welfare protections and the living standards of low-paid workers we have parties acting purely out of electoral self-interest.

Conor Murphy said:

“Tomorrow’s meeting of the UUP Executive will simply be a rubber-stamping exercise for Mike Nesbitt’s bid to spook the DUP into collapsing the political institutions set up under the Good Friday Agreement.

“Given that the UUP has stood shoulder to shoulder with the representatives of unionist paramilitary groups involved in extortion, drug dealing and murder, it is clear they are driven purely by electoral self interest. 

“Let me be say that Sinn Féin and our voters cannot and will not be wished away or excluded. Those days are long over.

“The real issues facing all our people are building a fair and prosperous economy and safeguarding public services and the most vulnerable against Tory austerity. It is about ensuring proper living standards for workers and families.

“At this time we need all the parties to stand for the whole community against the Tories. 

“The UUP have been silent about the outworkings of their short-sighted strategy on our public services, the economy and on all in our community.

“The public needs to hear from Mike Nesbitt what the next steps are in his ‘cunning plan’ if he gets his way and crashes the institutions.”

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