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Sinn Féin slam sectarian attack on young girl

14 December, 2004

Sinn Féin Councillor for North Belfast, David Kennedy has slammed the sectarian attack on a fifteen year old girl, which took place around 10:30 pm tonight, on the Serpentine Road. The young girl who was walking home with a friend was attacked by three men and a women who were seen in the area in a car.

Speaking tonight Cllr Kennedy said:

"This attack was an act of cowardice. Those responsible picked a very easy target and attacked two vulnerable teenage girls. The girls were walking home tonight when a car stopped and those inside got out and beat one of the girls unconcious. Her friend was lucky enough to escape and call for help but she is also, as can only be expected, very shaken.

"Tonight's attack however happened only yards from a PSNI camera placed on the interface. If there is evidence on it it must be produced and if not serious questions need to be asked.

"I am urging all nationalists, especially in North Belfast, to be extremely vigilant. Many people will be out visiting friends or enjoying Christmas occassions and unfortunately loyalist gangs are exploiting this.

"I am also calling on those with influence within the loyalist and unionist community, following now the third serious attack on young nationalists in the space of a week, to help put an end these attacks." ENDS

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