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British government spending on nuclear base grotesque - McElduff

2 September, 2015 - by Barry McElduff

Sinn Féin MLA Barry McElduff has said it is grotesque that the British government is spending an extra £500 million upgrading a nuclear submarine base while cutting public services and attacking the poor. 

Mr McElduff said; 

"George Osborne has repeatedly claimed there is no more money to pay for protections for the most vulnerable people in our society and public services. 

"His claim has also been repeated ad nauseam by other cheerleaders for British government austerity locally. 

"But now George Osborne has made a nonsense of his own claims by pledging £500 million for the upgrade of a nuclear submarine base at Faslane. 

"Not only is this pre-empting a decision on the controversial replacement of Trident, it is grotesque that the Tory cabinet of millionaires thinks this is an acceptable use of public money while tens of thousands are being driven deeper into poverty. 

"Those who have previously accepted the Tory myths about not having any more money would do well to reflect on this and join with us and others in a united opposition to the failed austerity agendas of this British government."

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