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Spotlight on Fine Gael in upcoming battle on Right2water vote- Lynn Boylan

3 September, 2015 - by Senator Lynn Boylan

Speaking ahead of a vote next week in the European Parliament Lynn Boylan MEP called on her fellow Irish MEPs to support her report on the human right to water.

‘The privatisation of water and sanitation services is of grave concern for citizens across Europe, from Ireland in the west to Greece in the east.

‘In my report on the Right2Water campaigns I call on the European Commission to formally recognise this human right to water and enshrine it in legislation. For too long the EU and national governments have ignored the will of their people – water is not a commodity and must remain in public hands.

‘The European People’s Party (EPP), the political group to which Fine Gael belong in the European Parliament, has consistently opposed some of the most important elements of this report.

It is expected it will try to water it down and remove the most progressive aspects I have included, ignoring in the process, almost two million EU citizens who signed the Right2Water campaign.

‘I therefore call on Fine Gael to side with the people of Ireland and Europe who have opposed the privatisation of water services and will continue to do so and vote in favour of my report and the human right to water.’

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