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Fine Gael playing games on the Right2Water- Lynn Boylan MEP

7 September, 2015 - by Senator Lynn Boylan

Ahead of a key vote tomorrow in the European Parliament Sinn Féin MEP Lynn Boylan has slammed Fine Gael for its stance on the Right2Water campaign.

“As the author of the report on the response to the Right2Water European Citizens’ Initiative I am dismayed but hardly surprised that Fine Gael is trying to distract from the issue of the human right to water

“In true Fine Gael fashion, instead of supporting the wishes of the Irish people or the 1.8 million who signed the ECI they and their political group in Europe have rode roughshod over the key demands of the people and instead have presented an alternative motion. This motion clearly ignores the demands of the Right2Water campaign and indeed deletes any mention of the water affordability issues people have experienced due to austerity measures across the EU.

“Given the leaks we have seen over the last 24hrs from Eurostat about the privatisation plans for Irish Water, is it any surprise that the Fine Gael/ EPP report deletes the reference to the Troika and its pushing for the privatisation of water services in programme countries such as Greece and Portugal. 

“Fine Gael, propped up by their cronies in the EPP group, which includes the Tories clearly do not want the human right to water enshrined in legislation and instead are happy to see any criticism of privatisation removed from my report. Their alternative is a cheap distraction to avoid recognising what water is – a public good and not a commodity.”

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