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Dog Fouling on Dublin City Council beaches not being monitored –Councillor Denise Mitchell

8 September, 2015 - by Denise Mitchell

Dublin City Councillor Denise Mitchell and General election candidate for Dublin North Bay has said that she does not believe that the problem of dog fouling on our beaches is being monitored adequately.

She said,

“I put a question to the manager for the September Dublin City Council meeting around Dog Fouling on our beaches.

I am not surprised to find that not one single fine has been issued in 2015 for Dog fouling on beaches.

I know the Green Dog Walkers Scheme do fantastic work encouraging pet owners to clean up after their dogs but the fact of the matter remains that Dublin City Council did not issues one single fine for Dog fouling on our beaches in 2015 when we all know it is a huge problem.”

She further added,

“I have personally received numerous complaints about the issue on Dollymount Beach.

Visitors to the beach are obviously quite concerned as many would have young children and the last thing they want is their child playing among this dirt.

The problem lies within resources.  There are not enough people employed to monitor the bylaws in Dublin City council.  Staff numbers in Dublin City Council have been cut to the bone since 2008

At present some people believe there are no consequences for dog fouling therefore they continue allowing it.

Dublin City Council need to look at employing more people in this area as we cannot continue to allow dog fouling to destroy our beaches, streets and parks”

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