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Mac Lochlainn publishes Sinn Féin’s ‘10 point plan’ to address the refugee crisis

10 September, 2015 - by Pádraig Mac Lochlainn

Sinn Féin Justice Spokesperson Pádraig Mac Lochlainn has launched the party’s “10 point plan” aimed at addressing the refugee crisis that they have submitted to the government.

Deputy Mac Lochlainn slated the “inaction and indifference” of the current government and previous governments to the plight of asylum seekers.

Deputy Mac Lochlainn said:

“The recent track record of this State in supporting and protecting asylum seekers is frankly shameful considering our unique history of emigration. Since 2003, Ireland is the only State in the European Union to opt out of EU Directives laying down minimum standards for the reception of asylum seekers. 

“For 15 years, this State has placed asylum seekers into the discredited Direct Provision System, condemning them to long years in limbo, living on a paltry allowance and denying them the right to work. One third of those living in Direct Provision today are children. Over half of those living in this system have done so for over four years. This injustice must end.”

He continued:

“Despite repeated calls from the opposition and from NGOS working on behalf of migrants and asylum seekers, this government have failed to deliver on an updated version of the Immigration, Residence and Protection Bill 2010.

“This history of inaction and indifference to the plight of asylum seekers has been the hallmark of this government and previous governments

“Our party’s ten point plan demands the change that the Irish people now require. Our own history of the coffin ships and mass emigration throughout the last 200 years demands that we step up to the plate and meet our responsibilities in the name of decency and common humanity.” 

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