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Anyone who thinks you save the institutions by closing them is deluded – McDonald

10 September, 2015 - by Mary Lou McDonald TD

Sinn Féin Deputy Leader Mary Lou McDonald has railed against the idea that the northern Assembly be adjourned. The Dublin Central TD criticised the petty rivalry of the unionist parties that is focused on brinkmanship as a political tool before the upcoming elections.

Deputy McDonald said,

“What we are witnessing is a crisis within the unionist parties that is threatening the institutions.  The two unionist parties are playing a game of bluff with the institutions arising for the agreements. These are the people’s agreements and institutions voted for by the vast majority of people across Ireland.

“Sinn Féin is opposed to any adjournment or suspension. Anyone promoting the idea to save the institutions by closing them down is deluded.

“Closing the institutions will not resolve the outstanding issues, will not benefit the talks process, and will only harm all in the community and undermine public services.

“What is required is for unionist parties to set aside their petty political rivalries and demonstrate leadership.

“Now is the time to assert the primacy of politics and democracy to maintain functioning institutions with a workable budget, delivering for all our people.

“Alongside of that, we need leadership at the talks process to resolve all of the outstanding issues.

“The two governments and all the parties should abide by the agreements and maintain functioning institutions.”

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