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Cllr Malachy Quinn welcomes passing of TTIP Motion

16 September, 2015 - by Malachy Quinn

Fingal Sinn Féin Cllr Malachy Quinn has welcomed the overwhelming support for his motion calling for the government to protect the interests of the State in the negotiations of a Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership (TTIP) with the US.

Cllr Quinn stated:

"The support of 26 Councillors this evening for my motion calling for the protection of Irish Interests in the TTIP negotiations in Europe highlights the real concerns that many have in regards to this agreement.

“TTIP has been very secretive in nature. There has been a lack of transparency in the negotiations and even MEPs have been drip fed information through leaks from the Commission".

"This deal proposes that regulations should be harmonised across a number of industries and will mean a weakening of many current EU regulations, which could have far reaching implications for many industries based in Fingal.

"It will reduce EU standards - for example in Food Safety, as standards in the US Food Industry are less stringent than in the EU when it comes to pesticides, GM foods and the use of growth hormones in beef.

"Therefore the high quality food producers in this county will be competing with inferior quality low cost alternatives from the US"

"There are also implications in the areas of employment and the environment. There is the possibility of the displacement of up to 1m jobs within the EU and this statistic comes from the EU Commission itself.

“The potential implications on an environmental basis are extremely serious, with the strong possibility that fracking will be permitted, it is currently banned in this state".

"The most concerning implications would be "Regulatory Cooperation" which would  mean that representatives of big business will be invited to take part in expert groups to influence new draft laws – even before a they are discussed in a state's parliament"

"The TTIP agreement also involves the insertion of an Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) mechanism. ISDS mechanisms will allow corporations to sue governments for loss of revenue where government regulations are seen to affect a company's profits. It does not allow governments to sue corporations"

Cllr Quinn concluded: " The county of Fingal with its strong IT, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries would be heavily impacted by TTIP if it is agreed in its present form, so this is why it is vital that our government protect both Fingal and the State's interests at every stage of negotiations"

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