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With 1 in 6 abroad is Ireland the best small country in the world to emigrate from? – Tóibín

17 September, 2015

Commenting on the recent CSO and OECD figures which indicated that 17.5% of Irish born people were living abroad Sinn Féin Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation spokesperson Peadar Tóibín stated this is a damning indictment of the boom bust economic policies of by the FF and FG led administrations.

Deputy Tóibín said:

“It is clear that under FF and FG Ireland has become the best little country in the world to emigrate from.

“A third of a million Irish people in the last 6 years voted with their feet, leaving an economy that put unsecured debt and upper income security above provision for citizens. When the government talk of improving unemployment figures its clear what they mean. 

“80,000 people are in registered as employed but are in activation schemes such as Jobs Bridge. If you include these and the 110,000 part-time workers who are seeking more hours the broad rate of immigration is around 18%. This figure does not include the massive amount of emigration which continued in the twelve months to April 2015 at a rate of 80,900 people. 

“The government have inflicted demographic vandalism, in effect deleting a 1 in 4 people between the ages of 20 and 30 from Irish society. This will have significant ramifications for society and the economy into the future.

“We have a huge housing crisis, a health crisis, reduced educational investment, high levels of personal debt, low wages, precarious employment, rising rental costs, regressive taxation including water charges and property tax, crippling childcare cost and exorbitant mortgage repayments. But one of the most tragic and long lasting outcomes of Fine Gael and Labour policy will be the loss of hundreds of thousands if our people.”

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