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DUP ministerial farce letting voters down - Hazzard

21 September, 2015 - by Chris Hazzard

Sinn Féin MLA Chris Hazzard has said the public want to see ministers from all parties back at their posts and working in the best interests of all of the community. 

Mr Hazzard said: 

"Today I tabled a number of important questions to the Minister for Regional Development concerning the pumping of sewage into the sea along the Down coast.  

"Unfortunately however, I was soon notified that no answers would be forthcoming as there is currently no minister in place. 

"This is a complete farce. The situation was made worse today with the appointment  of Michelle McIlveen as DRD minister, who quickly resigned again. 

"Constituents rightly demand good governance from their elected representatives but they are being denied this due to inter-unionist electoral rivalry. 

"All ministers should return to their posts immediately; there are decisions to be made and important issues to be dealt with. 

"The people deserve so much better than this." 

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