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Revised Lett’s Field housing proposal ‘a fair compromise’- Ó Broin

22 September, 2015 - by Eoin O'Broin

Sinn Féin Councillor Eoin Ó Broin has described the revised Lett’s Field Housing proposal as a ‘fair compromise’. The revised proposal was passed by South Dublin County Council on Monday 21 September.

Ó Broin said:

‘South Dublin County Council originally proposed building 48 Council homes on Lett’s Field, North Clondalkin. The proposal would have removed the existing soccer pitch, had a negative impact on St Peter Apostles Senior and Junior schools special autism units and resulted in the loss of the majority of the green space amenity currently used by the surrounding estates.

‘Sinn Féin engaged in an extensive consultation with residents in Moorefield and Woodavens and the principles and staff of both schools. We made a detailed submission to the Council asking them to revise the proposal to take account of these three issues.

‘I am pleased to say that the revised proposal from the Council adequately addresses all of the key concerns highlighted by Sinn Féin in our submission.

‘The revised proposal has 37 units. They are designed in such a way as to avoid having any negative impact on the existing and future special autism units in Peter Apostle’s senior and junior school. 

The Council has also agreed to provide some additional land for Peter Apostle’s junior school for the provision of a sensory garden for their pupils.

‘A full size football pitch is retained which is currently used by the school and local people. There will also be enhancements to the park to make it a better amenity.

‘Sinn Féin has also secured a commitment from the Council Housing Department that 11 units lost in this development will be added to another development during the new housing programme so the total agreed number of units for Clondalkin will remain the same.

‘I appreciate that there will be people who remain unhappy that any of the green space is being lost and I respect their view. 

However with 1000 North Clondalkin families on our housing waiting list and 4,500 households on the Clondalkin/Lucan waiting list we need to provide homes for some of these people.

‘On the basis of the significant revisions to the original proposed plan Sinn Féin Councillors supported the revised proposal when it came to the full Council on Monday 21 September.

 No Councillor from Clondalkin or the rest of the County voted against the proposal, all but one voting in favour with a single abstention.

‘The revised proposal is a fair compromise between the need to protect amenities in our community and the need to provide housing for people on our waiting lists. 

However there is clearly a limit to the amount of infill housing that North Clondalkin can take and Sinn Féin will continue to push for developments elsewhere in Clondalkin and Lucan in order to meet the housing need within our community.’

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