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The Taoiseach should resign – Adams

22 September, 2015 - by Gerry Adams

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams today launched a stinging attack on the policies and record of the Fine Gael and Labour government.

On Fennelly, the Sinn Féin leader said that the Taoiseach “in effect sacked” the former Garda Commissioner and that the “dubious actions of the Taoiseach and his circle in the events leading to the resignation of the former Garda Commissioner leads to unavoidable comparisons with the Fianna Fáil style of government.”

The Sinn Féin leader accused the government of creating a society that “has become increasingly polarised” and he listed a range of policy areas where government policy has infected great hurt on families, including the imposition of the Family Home tax and water charges. Mr. Adams said:

“The government mantra that we are all in this together is a monstrous lie.”

Gerry Adams accused the government of failing the peace process by not acting as a co-guarantor of the Good Friday Agreement. “Instead to your shame you have sought to use the peace process as a political football to attack Sinn Féin…”

The Taoiseach assumed office with his promise of a ‘democratic revolution’ but Fine Gael and Labour have proven to be as adept as their Fianna Fáil predecessors in practising unaccountable government and stroke politics at its worst.

We saw this with the establishment of Irish Water which has become a by-word for unaccountability, scandalous waste of public money and insider politics.”

Concluding Teachta Adams said:

“The Taoiseach has characterised the forthcoming election as a choice between stability and chaos. But there is no stability for low paid workers or those on zero-hour contracts.

There is no stability for those patients and frontline workers facing chaos in our hospital A&E departments.

There is no stability for those families facing the prospect of losing their home because you won't put manners on the banks.

Of course the Taoiseach's idea of stability is very different to most citizens. His idea of stability is the maintenance of a deeply unequal status quo. That is not the stability our people need or want.

If the Taoiseach really believes what he says, he should have the courage of his convictions and allow citizens make the choice. The Taoiseach should resign and call a General Election.”

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