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Property Tax Reduction welcomed- Mayor Holland

24 September, 2015 - by Sarah Holland

Mayor of South Dublin Sarah Holland has welcomed the council’s vote to reduce the property tax by 15%.

 She said:

“This reduction will put on average €50 back into the pockets of South Dublin families like mine.

“We had a meaningful discussion on our proposal among the progressive alliance, which includes Sinn Féin, Independents, Greens and Labour.

“The bulk of the budget is ring fenced already for public service provision, including housing, and the 40 councillors only have a say over a small amount.  It is within our power to make this small change to benefit families, so we almost unanimously agreed to do that.

“Last year, the Alliance delivered a really strong, progressive budget with provision for roads, housing maintenance including windows and doors, homeless services and more.  We managed to do that without dipping too deeply into hard pressed families pockets and we are determined to do that again this year.

“The decision to reduce the amount of property tax payable by the maximum allowable was hard thought out – all pros and cons were considered, and we know this is best for our county.

“That extra €50 or so for each family will now be spent in our local businesses which gives our county the boost it needs.”

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