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Creativity needed to tackle Dublin traffic- Forde

16 December, 2004

Sinn Féin Dublin City Councillor Killian Forde has restated his call for High Occupancy Vehicle lanes to be piloted in Dublin. Councillor Forde said "On Thursday the British Transport section announced the introduction of a High Occupancy Vehicle lane on the M1 motorway. Dublin Transportation Office need to get more imaginative and start to take risks. "

Speaking in Dublin today he said:

"The problems with Dublin's traffic require money and investment but in the meantime the Dublin Transportation Office and the Department of Transport can pilot a number of initiatives. Therefore I am calling for the introduction of the first High Occupancy Vehicle Lane on to the Malahide Road Bus Lane. High Occupancy Vehicle Lanes, which would reward full cars with the right to use the bus lane, don‚t cost anything to introduce, are a tried and proven method to reduce congestion, and encourage car pooling."

"Given the increasing numbers of those choosing to commute to work, the increase in the population of North Dublin, DART line maintenance closures and the shortage of Dublin Bus assets, the traffic situation in Dublin will continue to worsen. Along the artery roads of the north east of Dublin the problem with traffic congestion will continue to get much worse as massive new developments in North Dublin and along the Northern Fringe will exacerbate the problem."

In conclusion Councillor Forde, who recently called for the introduction of Weekend Only Car Insurance as an incentive for commuters to use public transport said:

"I find the debate and strategy of the Government in regard to transportation policy very frustrating. It must be exhausting for those stuck in traffic to have to listen to the daily blame game that has now characterised our transportation policy. New initiatives like Weekend Only Insurance and the introduction of a High Occupancy Vehicle Lane along the Malahide road are free. They only require a passion for solutions and a belief in risk taking. In the face of a failed transportation policy why can't we see some imaginative transport policies tested in the city?" ENDS

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