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Election win in Catalonia ‘a vote for independence’ – Crowe

28 September, 2015 - by Seán Crowe TD

Sinn Féin TD and Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Seán Crowe has welcomed the results of the regional elections in Catalonia, saying that the absolute majority won by pro-independence parties shows that there is a clear mandate for an independent Catalan state, one that the government in Madrid can no longer ignore.

Deputy Crowe said that the Spanish state was clearly in denial following this result  and that it would also have implications for the European Union

Deputy Crowe said:

“I welcome and applaud the extraordinary results of the regional elections in Catalonia. Pro-independence parties won nearly 50% of the vote with 1.9 million votes. This is a clear signal to the government in Madrid that there is a strong and growing mandate for an independent Catalan state. This can no longer be ignored or suppressed.

“The Spanish state is in denial, using its Franco-inspired Constitution as a fig leaf to suppress the democratic will of the Catalan people. Any talk of military intervention must be strongly

“There is clearly a growing democratic demand for an independence referendum and I urge the Spanish government to enter into formal negotiations as a matter of urgency. Spanish reluctance to discuss Catalan independence has turned these elections into a de facto vote on independence.

“These election results will also have implications for the European Union and the current, imagined or real barriers, for Catalonia remaining within the EU also need to be addressed.

“The Catalan people have made their voices heard. It now needs a positive and progressive response from Spain and Europe.”  

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