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Time for EU Commission to declare Ireland’s housing crisis a National Emergency- Lynn Boylan MEP

28 September, 2015 - by Senator Lynn Boylan

Dublin Sinn Féin MEP Lynn Boylan has called on the European Commission to declare the housing crisis in Ireland a National Emergency.

In a priority question submitted to the Commission, Ms Boylan stated:

“Focus Ireland is reporting that since January of this year in Ireland homelessness has increased at a shocking rate of 76%.

“This is coupled with that the fact that there are now 5000 people including over a thousand children homeless and living in emergency accommodation in the country.

“I have asked the European Commission to therefore consider declaring the housing crisis in Ireland a 'national emergency' which could thereby allow the Irish government to fund the building of much-needed social housing off the balance sheet and speed up public procurement processes when building such social housing.

“We have had years of under investment in social housing provision in this country and the only way to tackle this emergency is to immediately commence a major social housing building programme.”

“While this government bleats on about a recovery and preaches about stability, the fact is a lot of Ireland’s families are not feeling any recovery.

 “The government’s abject failure to deal with the housing crisis, is in line with its failure to deal with the hospital trolleys crisis, the chaotic NAMA situation and its absolute failure to make the North a priority. “

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