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Mayor Holland urges Government to support the Sinn Féin Housing Bill

29 September, 2015 - by Sarah Holland

Cllr Sarah Holland has today called on the Government to seriously consider the content of the Sinn Féin Private Members Bill on Housing.

She said:

“This bill successfully covers every issue I have heard on housing as an elected representative.

“I have heard stories from everyone across this county, from the homeless citizens who are suffering from addiction problems and just want somewhere safe to wash and have their clothes laundered, to the middle class families who bought in the boom and lost their jobs, resulting in a life of threats from banks over repossession and uncertainty for their future.

“This Government has ignored the housing crisis completely.  It briefly had a fire lit under it when a man died on their doorstep – since Jonathan Corries death, numbers of rough sleepers have doubled.

“Unbelievably, a local Fine Gael member has been heard stating that the housing crisis is exaggerated.

“The Government need to see what is happening in our towns and cities, and it won’t do it holding court in their ivory towers.

“The content of this bill is a wakeup call for this Government – it needs to seriously consider its contents and stop their grandstanding about recovery.

“Hotels have become nothing more than expensive tenements and we have news today that hotels will close over Christmas, resulting in homeless families being put out onto the street.

“The Government will soon have to open workhouses as well as foodbanks – what kind of a recovery is that?

“It needs to face the facts and stop passing the buck.”

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