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Maskey calls on British to reveal Brian Nelson's status within military

15 April, 2003

Sinn Féin MLA Alex Maskey has called on the British government to 'detail Brian Nelsons status within the British military in the period leading to his death.'

Alex Maskey said:

" Brian Nelsons role as British military intelligence agent has been well documented. It has been common knowledge for some considerable time that he was a central participant in murders carried out by the UDA while a British agent.

" What is not so clear however is his British military status since his release from prison in 1997. In order to clear up any confusion which might exist it is important that the British government spells out Brian Nelson's association with the British army. Questions as to whether Brian Nelson remained on the army payroll or whether he was in receipt of a military pension should be answered as a matter of urgency.

" Given the period of imprisonment served by Brian Nelson for involvement in UDA related activity any remaining association with the British army in the time leading to his death must be examined." ENDS

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