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A BREXIT would result in high human, social and economic costs - Anderson

1 October, 2015 - by Martina Anderson MEP

Sinn Féin MEP Martina Anderson has spoken of the catastrophic implications that a British exit from the European Union would have on the island of Ireland.

Speaking yesterday as chair of Brexit & the Repeal of the Human Rights Act as part of the GUE NGL Autumn conference hosted by Sinn Féin in Carrickmacross, Ms Anderson said,

“As well as the dreadful economic, social and political implications of a Brexit on Ireland, the proposed referendum is profoundly undemocratic.

“The referendum, as it is planned, will allow the views of English voters to dictate the future relationship of the North, and therefore Ireland as a whole, with Europe.

“In the current economic climate we should be focused upon building the island economy. The withdrawal of Britain from Europe will split the island economy and fracture border communities.

Ms Anderson continues,

“A BREXIT would reinforce partition, reinforcing the border by an international frontier with passport checkpoints and customs controls, hindering free movement and disrupting the lives of nearly a million people living in the border region.

“A BREXIT would mean no more Single Farm Payment or Rural Development Fund, no Structural Funds and no PEACE Funding, with high human, social and economic costs.

“It is also unlikely that the British would replace the direct funding currently received directly from the EU. EU funding from 2007-13 was worth £2.4 billion to the North.

“Sinn Féin will continue to oppose and campaign against any attempts by the British government to withdraw from Europe or make its relationship more conditional.” ENDS

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