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Creighton’s proposal shows Renua have little to offer ordinary Irish families – Matt Carthy MEP

5 October, 2015 - by Matt Carthy MEP

Commenting today on Renua’s proposal to introduce a flat 23% tax rate, Sinn Féin MEP for the Midlands North West Constituency and member of the European Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee, Matt Carthy has said that the proposal reveals that Renua have nothing new to offer ordinary Irish families and are intent on filling the PD space of being champions of the wealthy at the expense of a fair and equal society.

Speaking from Strasbourg, Carthy said:

“The simplistic proposal to introduce a flat 23% tax rate shows just how little understanding Renua has about the Irish economy and the issues affecting Irish people.

“All independent analysis clearly demonstrates that the Budgets introduced by the current Government have been regressive and have disproportionately benefitted the most well off in our society.

“The result is that we have witnessed the emergence of the working poor – those who after a week’s work struggle to afford a basic standard of living and attack after attack on the most vulnerable by this Government.

“Now is the time to debate the type of economy and society we want to create – to ensure that any economic recovery is for the benefit of our citizens and not the privileged few.

“The Renua proposal for a flat rate income tax rate would simply benefit the most well off in our society while hammering those who are on low wages. This proposal would further exacerbate the growing issues of inequality or poverty in our society.

“Indeed this proposal is worse than anything the Progressive Democrats would have come up with during their time in office.

“In my view, the proposal outlined by Lucinda Creighton is a crude attempt by the leader of Renua to position the party as the champion of the wealthy at the expense of a fair and equal society.

“We know only too well that Fianna Fáil or Fine Gael would willingly accept Renua as a coalition partner.  We also know from the experience  of the PD's the disproportionate impact small far-right wing parties can have on government policies.

"People are crying out for a change in this country from failed right wing conservative policies.  It is becoming increasingly clear that only a Sinn Féin led Government can provide the credible alternative to the failed politics of the current establishment and the very policies which have devastated our economy and our communities and have resulted in the crisis we are witnessing in such areas as Housing and Health.

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