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Líofa children's book club a welcome resource for language students

7 October, 2015 - by Rosie McCorley

Sinn Féin MLA Rosie McCorley has said the launch of the Líofa Children’s book club will enhance the vocabulary and understanding of the Irish language by children in year 6 and 7.

 Ms McCorley said,

 “Literature is an important part of any language and having a book club for children is a wonderful way of expanding the knowledge of the Irish language.

 “The idea of children reading a book and then discussing the various aspects of the book whether it is the grammar, the vocabulary or even the story itself will increase their use of Irish.

 “Reading is one of the three main areas of learning for children so encouraging children to read is crucial if they are to have a full understanding of the language.

 “The Líofa project continues to go from strength to strength with over 14,000 people now committed to learning, improving and using the Irish language.

 “This latest aspect of the project will complement the adult book club and allow entire families to join together in learning the Irish language.” 

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