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British government needs to end partisan approach to talks - Kearney

8 October, 2015

Sinn Féin National Chairperson Declan Kearney has said the British government should live up to its responsibilities to the political progress in the North and end its partisan approach towards talks. 

Mr Kearney said; 

"There is currently no momentum within the talks process because the British government has not involved itself in active participation and is instead trying to present itself as some sort of neutral referee. 

"The British government is not a referee. It bears a direct responsibility for the current challenges facing the Executive as a result of its austerity policies. 

"It is politically positioning itself to try and impose its own predetermined talks outcomes; and to justify the subsequent blame game.

"Providing a sustainable budget and economic stimulus package must be central to the current talks process.

"The question is whether the British government, and the Irish government, really want to be part of contributing to a successful talks outcome, which will empower transformational politics in the north, and ensure we are not pushed back into permanent political instability.

"The British government should step up to the mark immediately, get properly involved in the talks, and fulfil its responsibilities to guarantee political progress and a sustainable economic future in the north." 

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