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Fianna Fáil’s yellow pack plan for public servants not good enough - Tóibín

8 October, 2015

 Sinn Féin Junior Finance Spokesperson Peadar Tóibín TD has called Fianna Fáil’s alternative Budget “half baked”, pointing out that their budget does not include the €267 million needed for the Landsdowne/Haddington Road Agreements - meaning no pay rises in January for public servants. 

Deputy Tóibín also highlighted another glaring omission by Fianna Fáil of €300 million, which is a the amount required by the state to meet changes brought about by demographic pressures. 

The Meath West TD said:

“This is incompetent stuff from Fianna Fail. They clearly have not had their Budget costed through the Department of Finance or Public Expenditure. Maybe if they had done this, they would have noticed that their spending promises don’t include €267 million for the Lansdowne Road/Haddington Road agreements or, incredibly, even the €300 million needed because of demographic pressures in education, health and others services just to stand still.

“That is a €567m hole in their Budget, while their figures for abolishing the Water Charges is back of the envelope stuff and does not match the cost Sinn Féin received from the Department of Finance. In fact it is over €20m off. That is almost €600m in spending that Fianna Fail have not accounted for.

“We have learned dearly that they cannot be trusted with the economy and this inept alternative Budget is just one more indication of that.  

“Every single last measure in Sinn Féin’s alternative is fully costed and all expected expenditures are anticipated and accounted for. Fianna Fáil must explain to the civil servants, Gardaí and nurses of the State and to any family with a child or young person in our education system or a relative in our health system where the €600m is gone.” 

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