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Tories condemning thousands to a life of poverty and disadvantage - Doherty

9 October, 2015 - by Pat Doherty

Sinn Féin MP Pat Doherty who attended the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester, has branded David Cameron’s conference speech vowing "an all-out assault on poverty" and his claim that the “national living wage” would mark a “giant leap forward” as “an insult to those that his government is condemning to a life of poverty and disadvantage”.

Speaking after listening to the British PM’s claims, Pat Doherty said:

“Reality for hundreds of thousands of families is much different than the Tory rhetoric. As think-tank ‘Resolution Foundation’, chaired by former Conservative minister David Willetts, pointed out, ‘poverty levels are on the rise and this rise is directly related to the policies being pursued by the Tory government’ – and that is the reality.

“The Resolution Foundation findings show that an extra 200,000 children will become impoverished in 2016 as a result of the tax and benefit measures announced in the summer budget and that the number of all households in poverty – both in and out of work – will rise by 700,000 to nearly 4 million by the end of the Tory party’s term in office.

“Furthermore, Tory suggestions that people will be better off as a result of their proposed ‘national living wage” are a shameful deceit. 

“The Tory government intends removing its requirement to meet Child Poverty targets. By removing the current measure of poverty - 60% of median income - and then linking the ‘national living wage’ to 60% of median income it is clear that the heights to which they aspire are not a ‘national living wage’ but in fact a ‘national poverty wage’.

“Rather than being the ‘party of the fair chance’ they are a party of chancers leading an all-out assault on the poor instead of an assault on poverty.”

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