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Government housing strategy ‘an exercise in spin’ – Ellis

14 October, 2015 - by Dessie Ellis TD

Sinn Féin Housing Spokesperson Dessie Ellis has condemned the government’s housing strategy as ‘an exercise in spin’, saying that the continuation of failed policy has led to an abandonment of rent regulation policy.

Deputy Ellis said:

“The entire Housing strategy being pursued by this government is an exercise in spin.

“€3.8 billion was promised over 6 years, amounting to a modest increase in the annual budget. This figure was announced, re-announced, and repackaged to generate as much confusion in the public and as many column inches as possible. Even the Taoiseach regularly misstates the planned spend, confused by his own Ministers disinformation.

“The budget yesterday was a continuation of this kind of spin over substance. More focus on private profit over the public provision of a housing solution.

“That’s not just my opinion; it is the reasoned opinion of all involved who have grasped the nature of the crisis.

“Rent regulation and rent certainty have now been scrapped by the government meaning the cost of homelessness in both financial and human terms will only grow as tenants struggle to pay ever increasing rates. We need to stabilise the rental market and ensure that future spiralling prices are avoided. Across Europe, new approaches to rent regulation are finding success but not here, where prices are higher and suffering greater. 

“We called for rent supplement rates to be revised in conjunction with regulations on rent and protection for tenants. None of this has been done. This is why those involved in housing, in homelessness campaigns and those in need see no hope from this budget.” 

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