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West Belfast MLA hits out at covert British Military activity

4 January, 2005

Speaking after receiving a number of complaints from constituents, West Belfast Sinn Féin MLA Michael Ferguson has hit out at the increased covert British forces activity in the Andersonstown area which has taken place over the past number of weeks.

The West Belfast MLA said,

" Over the past number of weeks there has been a marked increase in British covert activity in the Andersonstown area. I have received a number of complaints from constituents who have seen people taking photographs of them from Andersonstown Barracks while they have been coming and going from local businesses.

"There have also been a number of sightings of people in unmarked cars taking photographs of residents going about their daily business.

" This type of activity points clearly to the British covert activity. It is unacceptable that almost 7 years from the signing of the Good Friday Agreement we still have British forces spying on the people of West Belfast. It is particularly worrying given the history of collusion between the British State forces and unionist death squads".

" Clearly there are those within the British establishment who are still operating to a securocrat agenda. Almost seven years on from the signing of the Good Friday Agreement not only has the British government failed to publish its timetable for demilitarisation it now appears that they are giving their consent to an increase in military activity against the people of West Belfast. This is unacceptable". ENDS

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