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Donnelly challenges Varadkar to debate on budget proposals

20 October, 2015 - by Paul Donnelly

Sinn Féin general election candidate Cllr. Paul Donnelly has called on Minister Varadkar to debate Sinn Féin's fair alternative budget proposals, which the Minister recently described as "barmy".  

Cllr Donnelly said:

"Minister Varadkar, like many of his colleagues in government, has lost touch with reality. The Minister believes that despite his woeful record in health, he and Fine Gael can buy re-election"

"I am challenging the Minister to a public debate. The people of Dublin West will have an opportunity to decide for themselves whether they want more of the same or an alternative based on fairness and equality"

"While the Minister is always free to be a regular contributor to the newspapers and other media, I wonder will he so readily available to face his constituents and defend this government’s deplorable failure to deal with the housing crisis, the waiting lists and A&E crisis.

“I’ve organised a series of public meetings in Dublin West to outline Sinn Féin’s budget submission which is based on fairness and equality”

“The first meeting will take place in The Paddocks, Littlepace Shopping centre on Thursday 29th October 8:00pm.

“I invite the Minister to face his constituents by taking part in a public debate on Sinn Féin's budget proposals at this meeting or at any other time.

“The Minister can explain to the people of Dublin West his government's failure to create a fair and more equal society during its time in office."

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