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Cllr Louise Dunne highlights government funding shortfall for traveller accommodation

22 October, 2015 - by Louise Dunne

Sinn Féin councillor Louise Dunne has highlighted this government’s unwillingness to properly fund Councils in order to provide traveller accommodation.

Cllr Dunne, a member of the Traveller Accommodation Consultative Committee (LTACC), said:

“The government’s announcement that that councils have not drawn down €50 million for Traveller Accommodation is inaccurate.

The fact is that €4.5 million has only been allocated this year across the state, with South Dublin applying for funding and receiving zero.

The €50 million that the Government is talking about is over a number of years. 

Currently, South Dublin is home for over 500 hundred Traveller families with 250 of them in adequate housing. 

This is not down to the Council’s unwillingness to provide housing, but the unwillingness of the Government to properly fund the Council to do so. 

I have visited some of the sites across the county and it is shocking to see how some of the families are living. 

One particular site has electric cables running from caravan to caravan, with leaking water surrounding them.  In light of the tragic deaths of the families in Carrickmines, the Government need to do more, so that another tragedy like this does not happen. “

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