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Initiatives must address root cause of tension in Palestine

27 October, 2015 - by Martina Anderson MEP

Speaking in the European Parliament, Sinn Féin MEP, Martina Anderson, has stated the need for inclusive initiatives to lower tensions and work towards peace between Palestine and Israel.

"As chair of the delegation for relations with Palestine I welcome any initiative to try and bring peace and stability to the region.

"The joint Israeli and Jordanian proposal launched last week, however, will not solve the underlying issues. Nor, in my opinion will it result in a lowering of tensions on the ground.

"Placing recording devices around the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound will not move towards creating a shared, peaceful Jerusalem.

"Neither will they address the incredible rise in settler violence or the ongoing issues in relation to the occupation of the West Bank and the Siege of Gaza."

MEP for the six-counties, Martina continued,

"Placing Palestine under international protection is a necessary first step towards peace.

"Any attempted resolution that goes over the heads of Palestinians or fails to address the root causes of the conflict in the region will ultimately be unsuccessful. 

"We have witnessed some horrific scenes in the region over the past number of weeks. Those horrors have been matched by insidious and inflammatory statements made by members of the Israeli government.

"Reckless and insulting statements blaming a Palestinian for the Holocaust and government ministers claiming 'terrorists' don't deserve a state are dangerous at any time, but increasingly so at a time of heightened tensions.

"I have stated this time and again: the international community needs to act. The occupation is illegal. The siege is illegal. Israel cannot continue both with the supreme impunity it enjoys today.  Any lasting de-escalation of tension or establishment of peace can only be brought about when these issues are addressed." 

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