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Significance of IRA Contribution should not be underestimated

6 January, 2005

Commenting on the New Year message today released by the IRA, Sinn Féin Assembly member Gerry Kelly said that the statement once again outlined the hugely significant contribution which the IRA was prepared to make and the anger felt at the rejection of this contribution.

Mr Kelly said:

"The IRA had already outlined publicly the massive contribution which it was prepared to make to see a comprehensive agreement achieved. The significance of this contribution should not be underestimated and its rejection has caused obvious anger and frustration.

"The two governments in particular need to understand this anger and frustration and move speedily in the time ahead to try and build upon the progress which we have made. The IRA have made it very clear that demands for humiliation are unachievable.

" We do still have an opportunity to move forward. However if it becomes clear that the DUP are going to continue with their opposition to equality and power sharing then the two governments cannot allow this to paralyse the process of change." ENDS

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