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Cllr Thomas Gould joins Jonathan O'Brien TD on the Sinn Fein election ticket in Cork North Central

30 October, 2015 - by Thomas Gould

Cllr Thomas Gould will contest the forthcoming General Election for Sinn Féin in Cork North Central.

He was selected at a party convention held at the Silver Springs Hotel earlier tonight. The convention was also contested by Cllr Ger Keohane.

Councillor Gould will now run alongside sitting Sinn Féin TD, Deputy Jonathan O'Brien, who topped the poll in the constituency in 2011.

First elected in 2009, Councillor Gould currently represents the Cork North Central ward on Cork City Council. Cllr Gould topped the poll in the ward in last year's local elections.

Speaking following his selection, Cllr Thomas Gould said;

"I am honoured to have been selected to contest the general election for Sinn Féin in Cork North Central.

"The ordinary people of this constituency have been badly let down by the Fine Gael and Labour Party government. They have implemented policies that have targeted the most vulnerable people in our society and ravaged communities across Cork City. They delivered the household service charge, the tax on the family home and water charges.

"This government has presided over the worst housing crisis in the history of the state. Sadly, Kathleen Lynch TD and Dara Murphy TD tolerated the government's inaction even as the crisis crossed the line into a national emergency. Both these TDs have stood by, and supported government policy, while many of their constituents languish on housing waiting lists. That is unforgivable and the people will remember they betrayal at the next election

"The Sinn Féin team in Cork North Central, led by Deputy Jonathan O'Brien, has been fighting backing against the policies of austerity and the failures of this detached government.

"The people see us working in our communities. They see Jonathan fighting their corner in the Dáil, putting manners on those who have the nerve to tell families in this constituency that they have to suffer so that the wealthy elites can prosper.

"There is certainly a strong appetite in Cork North Central for a second Sinn Féin TD to build on the brilliant work that Jonathan has done since 2011. I want to join the Sinn Féin team in the Dáil to fight for a fair recovery and a better Ireland.

“The type of country I want to see is based on the right to decent work with decent pay, access to first class public services, affordable childcare, abolition of water charges, a fair tax system and advancing the all Ireland economy for all our benefit."

Sinn Féin's sitting TD for Cork North Central Jonathan O’Brien welcomed the addition of Cllr Thomas Gould to the party's ticket and said;

“The people of this constituency would benefit greatly from having second Sinn Féin TD standing up for them in the Dáil.  We are up for the challenge of getting two candidates elected. If anyone can do it then it is the fantastic team of Sinn Féin members and activists in Cork North Central.

“I have always maintained that we should be running two candidates in this constituency Make no mistake about it, we are not running a second candidate out of tokenism. We are running two candidates to win two seats.

"Ultimately, that will be the decision of the people of Cork North Central. I think that they have been very impressed by our performance in holding the government to account. They recognise the fact that we are the real opposition in Leinster House. They see us addressing the issues that matter to them and we are now seeking a mandate for government.

"I think the government TDs for the constituency, who have so badly failed ordinary people, will certainly feel the heart with the addition of a second Sinn Féin candidate to the race.”

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