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Cabinet Chaos on Rent Certainty – Adams

4 November, 2015 - by Gerry Adams

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams TD this morning raised the crisis in housing and homelessness and the dispute between Labour and Fine Gael over increasing rents within the private rent sector.

Gerry Adams said:

“Minister Alan Kelly has been promising the introduction of Rent Certainty since the Labour Party conference in February. He said this was his number one priority. Speaking then Minister Kelly said: ‘What we’re looking at is a process whereby people can have some certainty as regards rent into the future while [housing] supply is being dealt with.’

“The Minister said that he was committed to ‘entering the market to change this. It has to be done.’

“The Taoiseach disagrees. He has warned against interfering in the market. Speaking in the Dáil on October 14th Enda Kenny said: ‘it is clear that interference in the market, to its detriment, is not something we should do. While people are calling for what they call ‘clarity’ on rent certainty, if we interfere in the wrong way we will make matters worse.’

“Given these diametrically opposed positions it is little wonder there is chaos in the Cabinet or that Ministers are at war with each other. The Minister for the Environment has accused those of his Fine Gael colleagues who are briefing against rent certainty as ‘anonymous cowards’.

“But the chaos in the Cabinet is nothing compared to the instability and chaos inflicted by the government on families who cannot afford to pay the increasing rents being demanded by landlords. The Government’s refusal to deal with the housing crisis is causing widespread chaos and hardship for families.

“Since it took office, rents have increased by 35%. 90% of cases are above rent supplement limits. Families cannot afford them and are being forced from their homes and into emergency accommodation.

“There are now 1,500 children living in homeless accommodation in Dublin.

“The response of the Government has been incoherent, incohesive and chaotic with Ministers briefing against each other instead of dealing with housing crisis. The Minister promised rent certainty. Fine Gael is resisting this. 24 Fine Gael Oireachtas members are landlords. Is this a factor?

“My question, which the Taoiseach refused to answer, is when will the government deliver rent certainty.”

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